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Creative Lives in Progress

Date: 05/2021–11/2021
Client: Creative Lives in Progress/HudsonBec Group
Disciplines: Writing/Social Media/Content Production
In May 2021, I began a stint as editorial assistant at Creative Lives in Progress. I wrote over 80 articles, ranging from interviews to resources and promotional articles for events, as well as managing their social media presence and creating 25 newsletters.
The best part was interviewing some of my favourite creatives and writing copy for Burberry, M&S and Google. I was also one of six contributors (in a ~60-strong company) to the HudsonBec Group’s internal diversity and inclusion team, where I helped raise discussions about pronouns, statistics and menopause policies. I capped it all off with an op-ed about searching for work while autistic, which also got published on big sister site, It’s Nice That.

All the articles and newsletters that I wrote and edited for Creative Lives have been listed below.





In The Studio WIth



Pep Talk


Portfolio Reviews

Opportunities Board




Newsletters (almost all copy and content by me)




Selected tweet copy

Instagram copy and content




Selected newsletter copy

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