Purple Angel Wing Heart

Don’t Overthink It

Date: 09/2019–05/2021
Personal project
Disciplines: Photography, Writing, Graphic Design
Dear Reader,
Here is a zine/chapbook I made about navigating London’s queer scene as an autistic person. The zine made for the perfect route to show my nightlife photography (the bread and butter of my career) alongside my prowess for prose.
I had just started promoting it when COVID hit. Therefore, among all the people dying and losing their jobs, I chose not to go on a flurry of self-promotion, as I felt like it would be in bad taste. But here it is!
I have considered doing a sequel, Take a Deep Breath, but I feel like, with my blog existing, it’s a bit moot. Maybe if I have to take all my blog posts down, I could release a full-on Lyla Chronicles?

To read Don’t Overthink It in its entirety, click on the cover below:


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