Purple Angel Wing Heart

JonBenet Blonde and John Sizzle’s 80th Birthday Party

Date: 04/2018
Client: The Glory
Discipline: Photography
JonBenet Blonde and John Sizzle held a joint birthday party, as the former was turning 30 and the latter 50. Included a Cameo video from Ramona (?) from the Real Housewives, and some of the tastiest passionfruit mini meringues ever to be put on a plate, which turned into a conversation about how James Hillard from Horse Meat Disco hates mangoes! This is the only time I ever worked for The Glory for free.
Louie Banks
ABSOLUTE and friend
Camile Leon
Grace Shush
JonBenet responding to the Cameo
Helen Noir and John Sizzle
Sizzle, Margot and Envy
Jacqui, Sizzle… and none for you Margo!

Milk Shandy

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