Purple Angel Wing Heart


Date: 05/2018–07/2019
Client: The Glory
Disciplines: Photography, Graphic Design
Couldn’t be any more fun. Got to shoot and watch some world-class drag talent. Lowlight is the fact that I never got to meet Nick Grimshaw or Kelly Osbourne, as they were too busy watching England lose the World Cup! Come on 2022, I guess…


FInalists collage, 2019
Bolly-Illusion winner’s portrait, 2019
Will Young portrait, 2019
Mrs Gail Bait at the final, 2019


Cynthia Seaward at the final, 2019
Kate Butch at the final, 2019
Bopa Rhys, 2019
Bloatfish, 2019
Wanda Whatever, 2019
Chai Latte, 2019
James “JMac” MacInerney, 2019
Minara El Waters, 2019
Karina Poison, 2019
Giddy Heights, 2019


Bella Bird, 2019
Perrie Alore, 2019


Rodent, Luke, JonBenet and Otamere, 2019
Velvet Caveat, 2019


Finalists collage, 2018
Grace Dent portrait, 2018
Courtney Act portrait, 2018
Rikki Beadle-Blair portrait, 2018
Tom Allen portrait, 2018
Billie JD Porter portrait, 2018
Crystal portrait, 2018
Arkem as Shandy Lear, 2018
Sunny la Grech, 2018


Frode as Bitch Boudica, 2018
Barbs, 2018
Daisy as Little Miss Knobnose, 2018

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