Purple Angel Wing Heart

Man Up!

Date: 02/2018–04/2019, 03/2022–present
Client: The Glory
Discipline: Photography, Graphic Design
Being the official photographer for the world’s biggest drag king competition, for two years in a row. So much fun!
In 2018, I managed to make do, using the wrong size backdrops, turning down a school trip to Venice, working one week with a bad cold and even forgetting my camera on the first day! Obviously, I was much more professional the second time around, with Sizzle sending me off to the Paperchase on Goodge Street to pull things off.


Finalists collage, 2019
Tallulah Haddon, 2019
Bryce is Right, 2019
Heathstiff, 2019
Hazel Tyler as Mike Drop, 2019
Frankie Friendzione, 2019
Mr Party, 2019
Otto Rose’s prop, 2019
Romeo de la Cruz, 2019
Carlos Al Dick, 2019
Patri Archie, 2019
Brian McLadden, 2019


Finalists collage, 2018
Annabel and Chloe as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, 2018
Elliott and Jamie, 2018
Mack Chismo, 2018


Benjamin Butch, 2018
Lolly as HerNia Man, 2018
Finalists, 2018

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