Purple Angel Wing Heart

Mighty Hoopla 2018

Date: 06/2018
Client: The Glory
Disciplines: Photography
Documenting The Glory’s stage at the 2018 Mighty Hoopla festival. It might have been my second Hoopla, but this, so far, is the only one I’ve been paid to go to. Walking around Brockwell Park topless, within metres of TLC, Lily Allen and other 90s and 00s popstars, is my idea of bliss.
Liza with a Z
Lady Noelia
Frankly Desire
Daisy Puller
TeTe Bang living up to her name
Carla Lippis
Rudi, Vicky, Oberon and Sooz as Liza
Jules and Wanda
Nat West
Post-Gayzpacho shower time
Eppie, Maxi and Petite
Margo and dancers (including Bimini and Danny)
Gaff-E and Danny
Camile Leon
Oberon White (in a look that even they knew was dodgy)
Jewlia Goldbum
Grace Shush
Last call

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