Purple Angel Wing Heart

National Theatre River Stage

Date: 07/2017 – 07/2019
Client: The Glory
Disciplines: Photography/Film
This was my first photography gig for The Glory, after their publicist Jack Cullen saw my potential. I was so naïve, had to take a moment before I realised that I could bypass the photo limit in the pit by shooting from the front row, thinking I could go backstage and do portraits. (I did eventually do portraits for Man Up! and Lipsync1000, so maybe they saw my desperation.)
For the 2019 edition, I was also asked to film video. Seeing as I couldn’t go to Haggerston and get their GoPro in time, I filmed it using my own camera. While the videos were supposed to be used to promote it, I needed to ask permission from the National Theatre first, and on top of that, the next two editions were cancelled anyway.


Mikey Woodbridge, 2019
Milky Bar Kid, 2019
Camile and Polka, 2019
Jules Jones, 2019
Wet Mess, 2019
[Rachel] Symone, 2019
Samantha Sun, 2019
Wacky waving inflateable arm flailing tube man, 2019
Hermione and Phillipa, 2019


That Ray, 2018
Carla Lippis, 2018
Lucy and Ted, 2018
Sex Shells, 2018
Miss Cairo, 2018
A Man to Pet, 2018
Margo and Tayce, 2018


Night of 1000 Jay Astons, 2017
Figs in Wigs, 2017
Methketearz, 2017


Milk Shandy, 2017
Freida Slaves, 2017
James Davison life drawing, 2017. The National Theatre itself used this photo to advertise the following two life drawing sessions.

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