Purple Angel Wing Heart

Various Coursework

Date: 09/2015–11/2018
Client: Lewisham Southwark College
Disciplines: Photography, Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Animation, Writing


Various pieces of coursework that I did during my time at Lewisham and Southwark colleges (fka LeSoCo).
Aside from my glorious time as a Level 2 Digital Media student, on the whole, I don’t speak highly about my time there. The week that I was going to send in my UCAS application, my EHC plan was violated for two days in a row. This caused me to drop out and abandon all hope of going to university, instead taking a more vocational route that would prove better for me mentally.
By the time I had left, the Digital Media class were all but neglected r.e. the curriculum and teaching standards, and the Art class (that I was in) cared more about profits than student wellbeing, as they cramped the foundation and Level 3 students into the same, quite small room via dividers.

My final completed project at LeSoCo, for a filmmaking module.

The Digital Media final major project that got me my distinction, back when I thought skinny shaming was a worse problem than it was.

TV channel ident

Many Sainsbury’s teabags were sacrificed for this.

Poster inspired by the Media Networks exhibition at the Tate.
Christmas card inspired by the Media Networks exhibition at the Tate.

Posters for a fake anti-smoking campaign


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